Since Ida did her sparkly black cat eye+red lip look a while ago I’ve been thinking a lot about the classic black+red combo, and yesterday when I sat down to do my makeup I felt it was time for that full on smokey eye. I wanted to do black with charcoal sparkle, a really really deep grey that will enhance the black. And of course I also ended up dunking the inner corners with holo glitter. Yep.

I used pitch black Sugarpill Bulletproof (for the first time in ages, it is so good!!) as the main part of the look, while Graphite (230) from KIKO (I did a Water Eyeshadow overview in yesterdays post, check it out!) is what I applied on the inner half of the lids, I applied it wet with a small brush to get them most out of that charcoal sparkle. The absolute inner corner is Lit Cosmetics Cher #4, a gritty holographic silver glitter.

And a little trick: I finished this look off by blending some bronzer along the edges of the smokey eye to make the black appear.. blacker. I always find that it does. If I only blend a black out by itself or with a cool brown the edges turns blue on me, it just drains the energy from my face. The bronzer really helps keep the intensity. Try this trick if you can’t get the black or grey smokey eye to work!






  • Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation – Classic Beige (1)
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation – 1,5 (last two foundations mixed. Didn’t work, don’t do it.)
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – Fair Neutral
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • By Terry Impearlious Voile de Perle Compact Highlighter


  • Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo – Medium
  • Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel


  • Sugarpill Eyeshadow – Bulletproof
  • KIKO Cosmetics Water Eyeshadow – Graphite (230)
  • Lit Cosmetics Glitter – Cher #4
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • INGLOT Kohl Pencil – 06
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


  • IsaDora Sculpting Lipliner – True Red
  • IsaDora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick – True Red
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KIKO Water Eyeshadow

Water Eyeshadow from KIKO is a true gem that I rarely see people talking about, and I’m really wondering why! They are powder eyeshadows that you can apply wet for a foiled finish, moulded into a beautiful wave pattern that really shows the finish of the shadow off. The shape even makes it easy to put a drop of water in the little dip in the middle, you can mix around without it spilling anywhere!

All of these are swatched twice, once dry and once wet, both on bare skin without any kind of sticky base. They don’t have a lot of falldown (not even the dark sparkly shades!) and they apply very smoothly as you can see.

Water Eyeshadow is available from the KIKO website for £8.90/105 SEK a pop.

KIKO Water Eyeshadow in Champagne (200), Rosy Taupe (201), Olive Green (209), Midnight Blue (215), Light Taupe (227), Graphite (230)

KIKO Water Eyeshadow in Champagne (200), Rosy Taupe (201), Olive Green (209), Midnight Blue (215), Light Taupe (227), Graphite (230)

KIKO Water Eyeshadow in Champagne (200), Rosy Taupe (201), Olive Green (209), Midnight Blue (215), Light Taupe (227), Graphite (230) swatch

KIKO Water Eyeshadow in Champagne (200), Rosy Taupe (201), Olive Green (209), Midnight Blue (215), Light Taupe (227), Graphite (230)

A video tutorial where I’m using Midnight Blue (215) and Graphite (230):

Viola, Killer Colours

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Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick “Birkin Brown”

I’ve said it before but I feel like I can’t plug it enough, Birkin Brown Matte Revolution Lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury is gorgeous!! It’s the perfect chestnut red brown that brightens complexions instead of washing them out, unlike those taupe grey browns that only unicorn people can wear (you know what I’m talking about, hello entire indie makeup world!). I would say that’s my favourite thing about the Charlotte Tilbury makeup range, her sense of colour is just perfect. Some products sure can improve, but the colours are always impeccable.

The formula on the Matte Revolution Lipsticks is a bit slippery and semi-matte. I don’t find that they apply super evenly (the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipsticks are better in that department), but the texture gives it some kind of carefree feeling, as if Nancy Spungen smacked it on using a butterknife as her mirror, hung over with a cigarette in the corner of her mouth. I’m feeling it! Maybe that’s why I almost always pair this particular shade with minimal makeup, I don’t want to overdo it. If you want a more crisp finish, pair it with a lip pencil.

Available at the Charlotte Tilbury website for £30.

charlotte tilbury birkin brown

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How I tint my eyebrows

Eyebrow tinting, a key step to get nice fluffy brows! Even the darkest brows benefit from a god dye, it helps fill in those transparent baby hairs which when visible really plump up the volume. Also, if you get a good dye and apply neatly the tint left behind on the skin acts as semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. The first day after tinting them you won’t even have to apply your regular pencil or powder to get a nice shape! Yay dye!

The dye I use is Refectocil in 3 Natural Brown, a brown that can vary from a taupe to an almost black shade depending on how long you leave it on for. Refectocil is the only brand I’ve tried that actually saturates the brow hair and leaves a nice solid colour that lasts more than two days. Depend and Coloran which are the easiest ones to find here in Sweden are crap in comparison, go for Refectocil, you will be so much happier with the result.

Important: remember to get the developer, it’s sold separately!

You mix the developer (10 drops for liquid format, 15-20 drops for cream format) to 2 centimeters of dye in a little plastic or glass container before applying it to your brows. I use a spoolie, you can also apply with an angled brush if you need more precision. Leave it on for 10 minutes or so before rinsing. I repeat this every two to three weeks.

Refectocil brow tint is available at for 79 SEK, the developer is 59 or 99 depending on if you choose cream or liquid format. Again, don’t forget buying it! It will last you through multiple tubes of dye though.

refectocil brow tint 3 natural brown naturbrun

Refectocil eyebrow tint in 3 Natural Brown, Oxidant 3% liquid developer.

refectocil eyebrow tint

Brows in need of a good tint.

refectocil eyebrow tint 3 natural brown naturbrun

The scary stage! When the dye is on it deepens to a dirty black colour, don’t be afraid, you won’t get clown brows! Be sure to apply in the shape you fill in your brows though, because the skin will get a slight stain afterwards.

refectocil eyebrow tint 3 natural brown naturbrun

Rinsed and ready! See how much fuller the hairs look just from getting a bit of colour?

Viola, Killer Colours

Recension, Skönhet

KICKS Lip Glaze in Beach Walk, Love & Party

Lip Glaze is a new line of soft moisturizing glosses from KICKS, not a sticky lip in sight with this gel-like hydrating texture. I went out and bought Beach Walk when it was just released, then two more shades were sent to me a week later. I couldn’t be happier! Which ones is your favourite?

Available at for 139 SEK (all KICKS products are 25% off right now, so 105 SEK!). 8 different shades available.

kicks lip glaze in beach walk, love & party

KICKS Lip Glaze in Beach Walk, Love, Party. The tubes are so nice, really chunky and quite luxurious for the low price.

kicks lip glaze

The applicator is pinched at the end which helps the wand pick up a lot of product, one dip is the perfect amount for both my lips.

kicks lip glaze beach walk

KICKS Lip Glaze in Beach Walk. A pale neutral beige with a soft gold sparkle.

kicks lip glaze love

KICKS Lip Glaze in Love. A creamy cool toned red that lightens up to a cherry syrup pink on the lips.

kicks lip glaze party

KICKS Lip Glaze in Party. A shimmery wine colour in the tube that sheers out to a greyish brownish ghost plum on the lips.

kicks lip glaze beach walk love party swatch

KICKS Lip Glaze in Beach Walk, Love, Party

bare lips

Bare lips for reference

kicks lip glaze beach walk swatch

KICKS Lip Glaze in Beach Walk. A sheer shade that just brightens and evens out my lip colour slightly, plus adds that soft golden sparkle. Wears well for being so light, but it can settle a tiny bit in lip lines or very dry areas.

kicks lip glaze love swatch

KICKS Lip Glaze in Love. Looks bright red in the tube, turns into juicy cherry syrup on the lips. LOVE this shade so much, oh my god! Hasn’t bled out along the lip lines any of the times that I’ve worn it out.

kicks lip glaze party swatch

KICKS Lip Glaze in Party. Quite sheer and different from what you see in the tube, but honestly I like this dusty ghost plum more! It’s a great colour to pair with a smokey eye. And can you see how even it is? These shades often go on patchy but this is so smooth!

Viola, Killer Colours
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