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Video tutorial: Effortless red lips

A new YouTube video is up! This time a simple everyday red lip.

effortless red lip

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Some pale shimmery mineral eyeshadows from TiKei

Beautiful Alexandra @aatypi always uses TiKei Mineral Eyeshadow in Stardust as her face highlighter, it always looks so smooth and ethereal on her. Of course I had to try it out for myself! Preferred method of doing it: Ordering 10 SEK (about a dollar) clamshell samples of aaalllllll their pale shimmery eyeshadows and deciding which shade is my favourite! They are messy as hell compared to a full size but you get a bunch of product for the money. It’s a great way to try a new colour out if you don’t want to invest before you know if you like the product.

Check the TiKei website out here, they ship within EU and some other international countries. Free shipping on all orders within Sweden!

tikei mineral eyeshadow fairydust, lace, devotion, stardust, champagne

TiKei Mineral Eyeshadow. Top row: Fairydust, Lace, Devotion. Bottom row: Stardust, Champagne.

And the verdict?

Stardust which Alexandra uses is the palest, smoothest and most neutral toned of the shimmer, it’s 100% glitter free and just like a soft moon glow on the skin. Fairydust and Champagne are similar in effect but darker, Fairydust is a peachy pink and Champagne more golden. I will experiment using all of them as face highlighters!

The ones that I would skip using on the cheeks are Lace which is pale pink and a bit more sparkly, perfect eye corner highlighter but maybe too glittery for cheeks. Devotion is a tad too dark and pink for my cheeks but HELLO great everyday lid shade. Honestly it’s the colour that gets me going most out of all five.

tikei mineral eyeshadow fairydust, lace, devotion, stardust, champagne swatch

TiKei Mineral Eyeshadow in Fairydust, Lace, Devotion, Stardust, Champagne.

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Zoya Naked Manicure

Jag har ju nämnt förr hur mycket jag älskar Pure Cosmetic här i Göteborg, eller hur? Världens roligaste sortiment och så bra service att jag alltid snackar fast mig en timme eller två. När jag dök förbi igår för att köpa en ny burk av min must-have Cailyn Cleansing Balm (recension här) stoppade fina Catharina på mig massor av ytterligare beauty, är helt lyrisk!! Love you gurl! I dagarna flyttar hon butiken från Drottninggatan ut till Högsbo där hon framöver inte kommer ha öppet för jämnan (BUUU) men webshopen ligger kvar som vanligt. Länk till shopen här!

I min lilla påse fann jag ett Naked Manicure-kit från Zoya, en linje lack som ska reparera, vårda och visuellt fixa upp slitna naglar genom att till exempel släta ut textur och jämna ut missfärgningar. Mina har en stilig gul ombre av alla mörka lack jag alltjämt bär och de är torra och skivar sig som aldrig förr, så det kunde verkligen inte ha kommit mer lägligt. Högg med andra ord in omedelbart.

I linjen ingår fem Perfector-nyanser som är som färgkorrigerande nylonstrumpbyxor för naglarna, en halvtransparent vit för att förstärka tipparna, ett vitaminbombat underlack samt ett blankt och ett satinmatt topplack.

Alla lacken finns separat för 159 kronor samt i några olika kit för 495-995.


I have explained my love for the Gothenburg based store Pure Cosmetic before, right? A interesting range and the service is so good that I always end up blabbering on for an hour or two. When I popped in yesterday to get a new tub of my must-have Cailyn Cleansing Balm (review here) Catharina hooked me up with a bunch of extra beauty, I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it), love you gurl!

In my little bag I found the Zoya Naked Manicure kit, a line of nail polishes that are supposed to repair, treat and visually fix tired nails by for example smoothing out texture and discolouration. Mine have a proud yellow ombre from all the dark nail polishes I wear all day long and they are drier and crackier than ever, so this couldn’t have come more in handy. In other words, I dug in immediately.

In this line you have five Perfector shades that are like colour correcting pantyhose for your nails, a semitransparent white to enhance nail tips, a vitamin packed base coat plus a shiny and a satin matte topcoat.

You can order these polishes separately for 159 SEK or in a few kits for 495-995 SEK. Pure Cosmetic ships within the nordic countries. If you live in the US the american Zoya website is fantastic. 

zoya naked manicure set

Zoya Naked Manicure set. At the bottom you have the Perfector shades. From the left: Pink (brightens tone), Buff (warms tone), Nude (softens beige nail beds), Mauve (deepens dark nail beds) and Lavender (neutralizing stained nails).

zoya naked manicure

Some examples of shade sandwiches you can make. Lavender corrects yellow tones and is meant to go under other shades, go nuts with the other ones and layer them in a way that enhances your personal nail shade! Always the most intense colour first.

zoya naked manicure

Here are the shades I decided to use. Base Coat to prep (even though I laid out Glossy Seal for this photo, OOPS), Lavender to correct my yellow tips, Nude to smooth it all out and Satin Seal Top Coat to seal it all in and take down the shiny “nail polished look”. Let’s see what we can do with it!

bare nails

Bare nails. The horror!

zoya naked manicure

After Zoya Naked Manicure. I needed three coats of Lavender on the outer half of my nails to correct the yellow stain, and even though it all added up to many coats it dried quickly and the nails feel super smooth. Don’t they look a million times fresher?! It doesn’t even feel like I have nail polish on. Now they just need some cuticle oil. All thumbs up from me!

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3 vampy NYX lippies

For some reason I always gravitate towards really dark lips this time of year, when the pastel craze is at its worst. I really love the look of dark lips with a simple “no makeup makeup” base now that the pasty winter skin is coming back to life with some freckles and glow.

On that note, let’s swatch a few random lippies from NYX!

nyx matte lipstick up the bass, dark era, high voltage lipstick wine & dine

NYX Matte Lipstick in Up The Bass, Dark Era. High Voltage Lipstick in Wine & Dine

nyx matte lipstick up the bass, dark era, high voltage lipstick wine & dine swatch

NYX Matte Lipstick in Up The Bass, Dark Era. High Voltage Lipstick in Wine & Dine

bare lips

Bare lips for reference

nyx matte lipstick up the bass swatch

NYX Matte Lipstick in Up The Bass. A ashy purple, satin finish. This one is more slippery in texture than the other lipsticks I’ve tried from the Matte Lipstick line, and it needs a little extra work to not look sheered out and pink toned along the edges. A gorgeous weird shade though! A step further into weirdo land if you’re already digging the taupe lip trend. Try it!

nyx matte lipstick dark era swatch

NYX Matte Lipstick in Dark Era. A dark red wine shade without purple undertones, straight up matte. It’s just patchy enough to look like the perfect John Galliano lip, without feeling crusty and gross. Love the look of this one! Full makeup look using it here.

nyx high voltage lipstick wine & dine swatch

NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Wine & Dine. A brighter berry toned wine shade, not quite as dark as the others. Super slippery formula so it needs a little help from a lip pencil to stay in place all day but it is crazy comfortable.

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Every bright red lippie deserves a bright red blush

…is one of my old mantras. A bright hot lip goes SO well with the same shade on the cheeks, only applied with the lightest hand possible. It is one of the looks I’ve been doing for 10 years and it’s still going strong.

This combo is Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Red Vixen with NARS Blush in Exhibit A. Two warm leaning neutral reds that I love pairing together.

charlotte tilbury lip lustre red vixen, nars blush exhibit a

They are made for each other!

bare cheeks

Bare cheeks (with The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer as a highlighter)

nars blush exhibit a, charlotte tilbury lip lustre red vixen

NARS Blush in Exhibit A applied softly with a fluffy brush. See how it gives the red lip that extra kick?

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