Hip hop och homofobi

“Judging either Odd Future or Lil B on purely moral terms isn’t really adequate, though – and, in fact, is something of a red herring that precludes discussion of their art. What’s interesting about their contrasting attitudes is how they affect the power of that art – and, in particular, why Tyler, the Creator, who relies so heavily on shock tactics, ultimately makes his music toothless. Fundamentally, for all the outrage and shock he garners from easily excited fans, his misanthropy is a cliche of angry male adolescence. He raps: “They claim the shit I say is just wrong/ Like nobody has those really dark thoughts when alone”; it’s pretty much the Odd Future modus operandi in one couplet, but the problem is that so many “outsider” artists have affected transgression by telling the world about their dark thoughts that, wrong or right, it’s become boring. Tyler doesn’t transgress expectations; he follows a well-worn path of faux-rebellion trodden by everyone from the Sex Pistols to Eminem – and the alleged vulnerability Tyler reveals in rapping about his absent father is entirely part and parcel of this archetype.”

“Is hip-hop homophobia at a tipping point?” i Guardian.

Och en tidigare osläppt sång från Odd Future-medlemmen Frank Ocean finns hos The Fader.

Jon Appelvik Lax
  1. wut writes

    yup true dat. dessutom kan man ha i åtanke att de flesta i OF är, ja barn. man kan göra mästerverk i musik i den åldern. litteratur, not so much. fastnade för den här kommentaren när jag kollade runt lite debattartiklar om OF.

    “As a teen I took to Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and the like thoughout my highschool years because like most teenagers I wanted to piss my parents off and stick it to the man, motherfucker. After I graduated my tastes diversified somewhat. Now I look back at all that stuff and though I still have a profound respect for the musicianship I find the lyrical content to be quite hilarious and just a leeettle childish. I think Odd Future fill the suburban teen with an axe to grind against all parents and teachers demographic quite effectively. And also the middle-class hipster who writes for Pitchfork and it’s ilk who is searching for street cred demographic, too, obviously.”

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