Dagens Soundtrack

“The hidden fact of our world is that there’s no point in having desire unless you’ve money. Every desire is transformed into sour dreams. You get told if you work hard you get money but most work hard and end up with nothing. I wouldn’t mind if it was shown as the lottery it is but oh no. The law as brute force has to be worshipped as virtue. There’s no freedom, no liberty; there’s just money” (A. Warner, Morvern Callar, 1997)


Fortsätter med min personliga filmsoundtrack-kanon. Idag: Morvern Callar (2002). I sin drömska och förvirrade eskapism funkar det ypperligt i det allt det grå dagen efter midsommarfirandet. (För övrigt också en film i topp vad gäller vackrast foto. Och en sällsam bok av Alan Warner om femininitet, klass och rave. Men det tar vi en annan gång).

Aphex Twin – “Nannou”

Boards Of Canada – “Everything You Do Is A Balloon”

Holger Czukay – “Cool In The Pool”

Broadcast – “You Can Fall”

Can – “I Want More”

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – “Hold On Death”

Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra – “Some Velvet Morning”

Lisa Ehlin

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