Hey guys,
It’s been a little slow on the blog recently but I’m in the middle of moving and also trying to plan out a couple of things regarding my next steps in life!

I hope to be back on track very soon :)


Maria Van Nguyen


fourteen sunsets

For my multimedia class last semester we had an assignment where we had to take a picture of something/anything once every week.

I was already taking photos of sunsets so I decided to make it a part of my documentation as I honestly just wanted to take pictures of something 1) visually pleasing but also 2) something that changes drastically each week.

Next time around I’ll use my camera but although these are taken with my cell – nothing can ruin the magic that comes with the sun setting am I right.


Rockaway Beach, Aug 30

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sep 3

Chelsea Piers, Sep 7

Chelsea Piers, Sep 17

Rockaway Beach, Sep 23

Ridgewood, Oct 5

Battery Park, Oct 12

Ridgewood, Oct 19

Bushwick, Oct 25

Stanford, Nov 6

Garment District, Nov 13

Ridgewood, Nov 21

Ridgewood, Nov 25

Skedsmo, Norway, Dec 4

Some of these makes me feel all warm inside <3

Maria Van Nguyen



Norwegian Wood

A friend of mine told me about this amazing site that like Netflix offers online streaming of movies,
but unlike Netflix this site is focused on indie, classic, foreign, documentaries and cult cinema movies.

I was so happy to discover it so I wanted to share;
if you’d like to indulge in some less mainstream stories you should check out (not sure if it works outside of north america.)

I spent the holiday watching a handful of movies already - Norwegian Wood was one of them, a tragic but most beautiful story worth watching. My number 1 favorite when it comes to cinematography, IDA, can also be found at fandor.

Maria Van Nguyen


for sale

I’m selling these lovely MNZ shoes.
Yes, I just bought them recently but I figured I need to save some money!
Good thing she continues to release them every season and so I tell myself I can buy them again some day..

I also reduced the price on some items, shop my closet HERE.

Maria Van Nguyen


building block

Building Block
Weekday Bag

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ve heard me talk about practical and versatile items several times before.. Let’s repeat it one more time as I was gifted this bag from Building Block, which is in fact, you guessed it - very practical and versatile.

For days when I have to carry around some extra – this guy is perfect for it’s size and it’s many pockets (I love pockets.) While helping me organize my things it’s also a beauty to look at with it’s smooth leather and delicate details like the two-colored strap.

Maria Van Nguyen


morgan library and tea drunk

two new additions to the new york guide;

Tea Drunk
123 East 7th St, East Village

A nice spot that offers traditional and pure Chinese tea.
The tea is prepared and served in a specific way, which they will show you while sharing their knowledge. One pot is enough for 2-3 people to share and you can sit here as long as you want without any pressure to rush. Also, I like that you can choose your own tea pet – take a look at yelp for pictures, very cute haha :)

Morgan Library and Museum
225 Madison Ave 36th St, Midtown

I actually didn’t know about the Morgan until recently and I was happy to discover such a gem.

Maria Van Nguyen
Maria Van Nguyen

Hi. My name is Maria Van Nguyen and I'm a 26 year old girl from Oslo living in New York.

I'm a designer that appreciates the basics and essentials, and I aim to create comfortable, wearable and easy clothing for everyday life.

I'm into simplicity, hip hop, r&b and people with good vibes. Aay ~

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