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The wool layering has begun.

Maria Van Nguyen


shopping alone

There are some things I prefer to do alone as I’m more efficient and focused whenever I’m on my own. Shopping is one of these activities as it is something I want to wrap up quick and neatly!

This is the kind of shopper I am: The list is pre-written, I know what I want, I have already checked it out online and now I’m going to the chosen store to try it on – and if it fits, it’s a buy. Wooh ~
I’ve done the decision-making at home already and if the garment fulfills my requirements I’m done.

Whenever I go shopping with friends I see it more as hanging out – my intention is never to actually shop. It might have to do with me preferring to single-task, it might have to do with me getting easily distracted and it’s most probably because I can’t truly focus on the clothes. Well all of those three things are actually based on the same. Here is why I prefer to go shopping alone:

You can spend as much time as you want browsing, deciding, trying and re-considering. Time is important if you want to nail a great purchase as there are several things to consider for a perfect item. There is no pressure to rush through the racks as you’re on your own time schedule.

You can also spend as little time as you want.
With friends you might have to go to stores you don’t really favor and vice versa – and then you all have to wait around for one another. This becomes stressful for the one who is in the fitting room, and boring for the ones who are waiting (all dads and boyfriends in the couch I feel you.)

Sometimes you loose focus from the various opinions you hear.
“You look so cute in that top!” – says your friend, excited and warm-heartedly, and she means it but she can only express what she sees. She cannot see how you feel, and only you know what your body feels most comfortable in regarding color, fit and style. Still, you trust your friends and you might get convinced and you don’t realize until you get home and pull out your new purchases that is soon to be a return.
Exceptions: That one BFF who is always brutally honest. Or your mom.

Well, that’s basically the two things I need for shopping. Time to consider and no distractions.

With that being said, I understand why people prefer to shop with someone else too. It’s social, it’s convenient to get advice if you want it and!, you can have a lunch break together.

Maria Van Nguyen


uniqlo and lemaire

Today, October the 2nd, is the launch of the Uniqlo and Lemaire collaboration. There are plenty of great pieces that are sure to be a favourite as they’re both comfortable and versatile and easy to make yours.

My favourite pieces are the knits (there’s nothing like getting cozy in huge knits when it’s cold out), and I have 2-3 pieces in mind that I want to take a closer look at in stores.

See the full collection here.

Maria Van Nguyen


the row ss16

The Row is now showing in Paris instead of New York, which makes perfect sense for their brand. The collection is a nice transition from the previous one, and the Olsen sisters have truly managed to refine their distinct style which shows as they are able to confirm and strengthen their vision for each new season.

Maria Van Nguyen


voluminous dress

sneak peek: sample dress from my upcoming collection

delicious navy blue heavy cotton

I’m so happy.
Finally I am able to give all my attention and care into creating clothes without any distractions. I can work on my own pace and be the truly single-tasker that I am. Wonderful.

My first collection will be beautiful and also more representative of what I really want to create.

The dress above is one of the few “statement” pieces, which will go along with the other more basic and classic ones. I’ll talk more about it once I’m able to show you in approx. two months. Wait and see :)

Maria Van Nguyen



pants jil sander │ merino top vintage, malin landaeus │ belt secondhand

Maria Van Nguyen
Maria Van Nguyen

Hi. My name is Maria Van Nguyen and I'm a 26 year old girl from Oslo currently living in New York.

I'm a designer that appreciates the basics and essentials, and I aim to create comfortable, wearable and easy clothing for everyday life.

I'm into simplicity, hip hop, r&b and people with good vibes. Aay ~

Inquiries: maria(a)



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