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Maria Van Nguyen



Hi guys,

Good news – I’m going to re-launch my blog soon! (Aiming to finish it late June.) 

As I’m planning on how I can spark some more life into the blog and make it better I was wondering if you have any feedback? What kind of content and posts do you find more interesting?

Here is what I have in mind:
- More organized and focused content within these categories: Life, travel, arts, clothing and inspiration.
- Improve on my writing + include more writing
- Larger and better quality photos
- More tips and recommendations
- More insight on personal daily life

Anyway. I’m stoked to have my very own blog platform where I can manage all visuals and the layout. It’ll be much more inspiring for both you and me!
In the meanwhile I won’t post until the new site is up and running 

Thank you all for reading my blog! <3


Update: Thank you for all the feedback!! You guys are amazing. I’ll take it all into consideration and I hope you will like the new site. x

Maria Van Nguyen



Pants Vintage │ Camisole Organic by John Patrick │ Sandals MNZ

Maria Van Nguyen


new york guide summer 16



The Travel Guide site is gone – instead I’ve changed the format and now each city guide will be available as a PDF file instead. It’s like a little magazine with my very best recommendations! I put a lot of effort and time into making these, and I enjoyed it a lot so I hope you do too.

I just finished the New York guide yesterday and it’s better than ever!! You’ll find 60 pages with amazing things to see, eat and explore – a little preview is available in the pictures above.

The guides can be found here, currently there is a LA guide $6 and a New York guide $10 available.

I hope you guys like them as I plan to make more in the future :-)

Maria Van Nguyen


the life-changing magic of tidying up

I just got a hold of this book, which I’ve been wanting to read for a while after great recommendations from friends and after reading praising reviews.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy is based on joy. What sparks joy in your life?
With this question you approach the tidying of your home in a positive way by focusing on keeping what you love rather than focusing on what you don’t want or need.
The result (after some extreme decluttering by following her methods) is a happy and clean environment - but it goes beyond that; it’s allowing you to see and take actions of other aspects of your life.

If you are interested in this subject I’m already recommending it before having finished it. I’ve read good articles about the same topic, but I absolutely love her approach and the idea of how every item you belong spark joy, is appreciated and taken care of.

If you don’t want to get the book you can just google the author and you’ll find descriptive articles that explains her decluttering methods and philosophy.

Maria Van Nguyen

Livsstil, Mode

five blouses

Five blouses I own and their little ‘story.’

Acne Studios
Purchased 1 year ago

I favour this one for its beautiful neckline, which is softened by the comfortable silhouette of the body. I don’t get to wear it as often as I want to because I’m extra careful with white garments so I always have to consider my activities that day – if not I’d wear it every week.

Vintage store in New York
Purchased 5 years ago

I went to New York for the very first time in 2011 and while browsing I found this off-white and matte heavy silk shirt. After purchasing it I rarely wore it but two years ago I pulled it out from the back of the closet and started to wear it often.

This is the closest I’ve come to a somewhat ideal button-down – but I’m still searching for one (not actively searching but will find it some day, I’m not in a rush.)

Vintage store in Oslo
Purchased 4 or 5 years ago

It looks and feels like a pyjama and so it easily becomes something I grab in the morning; I’m simply switching from one pyjama to another. Aaah!
Out of all these blouses this is the one I wear the most because its incredibly comfortable and it has a more casual look.
Bonus: It adds some patterns and color in my otherwise black and white wardrobe.

Vintage Issey Miyake
Purchased 3 years ago

There’s a great little shop in Williamsburg named ‘About Glamour’ where you’ll find a good selection of vintage Japanese designer brands.
One of the treasures I got was this garment that I love because of its many interesting details. The pocket (placement) is so good and you have to feel the softness of this cotton – it’s incredible.

Acne Studios
Purchased 6 years ago

This is the oldest purchase of all five and it’s still around because: the lightweight silk is comfortable, the black color makes it versatile and it has a classic shape. It’s been with me to all kinds of occasions and it never fails.


I haven’t had these garments for a very long time – but compared to the lifecycle of most fast fashion products I guess I’ve had these for quite some time after all. I’m also extending their life by purchasing vintage clothing.

Treat your garments with love and care and not as something disposable! I hope to have these for many more years to come.

Maria Van Nguyen
Maria Van Nguyen

Hi. My name is Maria Van Nguyen and I’m a 26 year old girl from Oslo living in New York.

I’m a designer who appreciates the basics and essentials, and I aim to create comfortable and easy clothing for everyday life. Once that is done, let's go ahead and just live and love.

I enjoy reading and learning about living a simple life. My playlist consists of hip hop and r&b. I love to take photos. I spend time with people that makes me laugh. One day I want my life to just evolve around travelling the world.

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