spring break

Hi guys,

it’s finally spring break but I’m not relaxing even a bit -.- I have to finish my collection which I’ll be doing a lookbook shoot for next week!
I’ll finally be able to show you guys what I’ve been working on very soon..

In the meanwhile, here’s a quick outfit post w this great nude colored knit top and a favourite vintage skirt.

Top Acne Studios
Skirt Vintage

Maria Van Nguyen




Maria Van Nguyen


☼ spring wardrobe ☼

An idea of what to wear for spring illustrated with garments from la garconne, my favourite shop.

What is better than the kind of morning when you wake up early and relaxed, you have time for a good breakfast, and you only have to pull out 1 – 2 garments before you’re ready to go.

A t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
A long sleeve and a slip-on skirt.
A white cotton dress.

First it’s good to have your basics in order to be able to do so, it makes it much easier. If you already have your basic tees in order and want to add one that’s a little different; this knot tee from J.W. Anderson is a fun and cute one.

Or perhaps a Comme des Garcons polo shirt for some sophistication and/or sportiness.

If not the basic white/grey/black tees always, always work with everything and I wear mine until they fall apart.
A.P.C. & Acne Studios.

Ooh, but you need something to keep you warm so we need those long sleeves, sweaters and crewnecks too.
A more lightweight one, Christophe Lemaire, and a thicker one, La Garconne Moderne, for different temperatures.

And then there’s the shirt, Acne Studios.

When it comes to pants I prefer a loose fit that feels easy to move around with.
Elastic bands are exxtra comfy, like these pull-on pants by Comme Des Garcons.

And jeans though.
Acne Studios
And when the suns out I wanna feel it on my skin, so I got to wear some shorts. ☼
By Carven

I used to think that skirts are unpractical, but then like with everything else, it depends. I have one skirt that I wear just like I would wear pants.
MHL by Margaret Howell & La Garconne Moderne.

I mention the slip dress every now and then.. Well pretty often.
1. I just love the simpleness and ease of it, 2 how the silky fabric expresses femininity when subtly and softly hinting at the curves of your body as you move, 3 when it’s sexy in a sophisticated way.
Araks slip dress.

The transition between winter and spring can be hard when it comes to outerwear. At least I get confused and end up being either hot or cold. It’s always good to layer in that case so you can add or remove during the day.
The denim jacket is always a classic, by Acne Studios.

And I’m really feeling this hunting jacket by Chimala, such a classic and probably something I can find in dads closet, right? I’m gonna check.

You can still wear your coats too. Carven & Acne Studios.
Other options would be a lightweight blazer, the trenchcoat or a bomber jacket. Whatever fits your style.
I will mostly be wearing a lightweight coat and a trenchcoat when it’s spring ~~

And finally no more heavy snow boots right. Not that I’ve been wearing them, but I’m tired of the sloppy streets anyway.
Can’t wait to wear sneakers and sandals.
Mules by Martiniano.

☼ :)

Maria Van Nguyen


lemaire pre-fall 15

Maria Van Nguyen



linen trenchcoat in process

Still working on my thesis 24/7 and one of todays goal is to finish this trenchcoat. It is my favourite piece so far! At the beginning of April I’ll be shooting a lookbook and then I can finally show you the whole collection.

Maria Van Nguyen


paille maille

the ease of dressing up for warmer weather

Maria Van Nguyen
Maria Van Nguyen

Hey. My name is Maria and I'm a 25 year old girl from Oslo.

In 2012 I moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons and I'm currently a senior working on my thesis collection for men and women. I also work as a sales assistant at Acne Studios.

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