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interning at uniqlo

..But I wasn’t in Tokyo just to walk around in the gardens: My main reason for going was to intern at Uniqlo.

In advance I had already requested to be in the outerwear department and I had my wish fulfilled. Since I was the only intern I was taken very good care of and I was told everything I needed to know. A month went fast but within that short amount of time I learnt a lot! It seems like a great place to work, especially now that the company is expanding and growing fast with ambitions of becoming even more international.

My impression of Uniqlo has always been pretty good. They are reliable: You know that you can always find basic and essential pieces in their store and they are continuously improving their products with their innovative and creative concepts (especially with materials.)
Uniqlo might seem like a fast fashion company, and in some ways they are, but they differ a lot from H&M and Zara because at least they produce slowly. They don’t follow trends or have a seasonal theme. Instead they are always striving to improve and update their excisting and timeless pieces to make it better each season.

My impression of Uniqlo now is actually even better than before! I got to admit I can feel pretty lost if I go into their stores. Now that I got to see the garments up close, one by one, in another environment – they looked so much better. I was happy to see how much care, time and thought the designers put into the tiniest detail of a garment.
Eventhough they offer cheap clothes they still want to offer the best quality posssible and I think that is great for a mass market company to consider as a top priority :)

..So now I’ve interned for Uniqlo and The Row – two very different companies in many ways. I’m very glad to have worked for both of them and to get an insight of what they do and how they do it, high street vs luxury.

Oh! PS. I got to take a look at the upcoming Lemaire x Uniqlo collection. You can clearly see Lemaire’s touch on every garment with his distinct attention to details and of course the general feeling of the whole collection. Beautiful! Prepare for great knits and wools.

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Found them; the pants that will help me get through the colder months while still looking dapper.

Murol Pants by Acne Studios

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quiet please

This spring I met up with Adam from Le21ème to take some shots for a feature. My favourite is the first one because of the light but also the text “quiet please..“, which I didn’t notice until I saw the final picture. So good!

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tokyo pt. II

1st time experience: felt a lot of happiness when we found a place to eat where we had to take off our shoes and sit on the floor. I always wanted to do that! We had some healthy traditional japanese cuisine, as usual, yum :)

On a Sunday we went to an Onsen (Hot Springs). Everyone there was 40+, I guess they know how to relax :) It was a super pleasant experience and I felt more calm than ever.

Kappabashi. A street lined up with multiple stores that only sell kitchen wares! Beautiful japanese plates, utensils, table cloths etc. – the only bad part about it.. making a decision of which ones to buy ;)

There are MANY museums in Tokyo and I wish I had the time to visit them all! At least I got to check 4 of them off my list. Teien Art Museum was my favourite. Come here and be overwhelmed by the beauty of the former residence of Prince Asaka.
Sometimes we tried to blend in with the locals and wander the smaller and hidden streets – but sometimes we were real tourists :) We went for a “kimono rental” experience where we were dressed up in these traditional garments and then had a small tea ceremony.

Natural plants reflected in glass in front of a modern concrete interior. One of my favourite shots from the whole trip.

Shinjuku Gyoen. The leaves’ texture was like velvet and the colour would change depending on the light and angle. So beautiful. I forgot to take a note of the name of this plant! Let me know if you know.

Hi guys :)

I just came back from a month in Tokyo. I had an amazing time and I already want to go back. There was so much.. beauty! Everywhere. The japanese people has a secret when it comes to the art of living and creating – I need to find out what it is. Hehe :)

I’m very excited to share my experience and to make a Tokyo Guide. I actually promise to make this one within a month. I know I haven’t prioritized these posts :)
Tokyo has so much to offer in all categories and it truly met my expectations.

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on repeat

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