“After spending two years as an architecture student, Isaac Reina decided to spend his time designing things that are “less dramatic, less important and on a smaller scale — with more human proportions.” A native of Barcelona, Reina has designed for both Hermes and Maison Martin Margiela. He began making his own line of accessories in 2006.

Reina’s designs match luxury with sophistication, and fine materials with super-functionality.
Inspired by industrial design, simplicity, and “mass market shapes,” the items seen here reflect the designer’s relentless pursuit of the quintessential.”


I always keep an eye on brands with quality products that offers classic designs. If you ever come across any, old or new, let me know :)

I appreciate Isaac Reinas approach which seems very honest and simple, and though I personally don’t like all of the designs I think the products are good and the final outcome is practical and timeless.

Maria Van Nguyen



I started knitting the dress for the final project in my handknitting class yesterday.
Honestly, knitting is mad fun and relaxing, haha.

I especially like working with this thick roving yarn which creates such a chunky but soft texture.

..The final garment isn’t due until four weeks but I’m sure I’ll finish it ahead because I really can’t wait to wear it!

Maria Van Nguyen



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Well, I haven’t had time to make a summary post of how my first 6 months of only purchasing 5 items went (I will eventually).. Anyway, I’ve already planned that for the next period, starting in January, I’m not going to purchase anything at all.

I’ve been imagining that when I’m older I’ll have a very small wardrobe with classic quality garments so I don’t feel the need to purchase anything new – but why wait when I can start now already.
Every day I’m more interested in becoming content with less and I keep re-realizing that I really don’t need a lot. I’m also noticing how these thoughts are constantly being brought out in my classes at school for various projects and presentations that I work on.

I wouldn’t say that I have the perfect wardrobe essentials yet, but I am satisfied at the moment and there’s no rush in finding those garments so I feel fine with not purchasing anything for a while.

Maria Van Nguyen



There’s only 5 weeks left of the semester, time flies.
At the end we will have five finished muslins/patterns that will be ready to be sewn up in real fabric for the spring semester (and of course there’s plenty of other things involved).
My goal is to make 10 looks.. Well at least 8 because 1) Why not 2) I don’t feel like I can express myself with only five looks so.. I’m working extra hard right now. It’s so much to do but I’m really enjoying the process  ~ ~

I told you briefly about my concept about making timeless and simple clothing which I’m all about but I’ve also decided to add a tiny bit fun/personality to it (can’t be so serious all the time) (don’t worry, of course it’s still low key and subtle). Haha :)

Maria Van Nguyen



Maria Van Nguyen



Last fall I went to Storm King Art Center and I can tell you it’s definitely my number 1 favourite museum and one of my best experiences in New York.

Storm King is an outdoors museum that spans over 500 acres and the nature surrounding the huge sculptures placed all over the site is just as much a part of the experience.
As you can see I went when the leaves where changing and it was magical.
It’s a peaceful and quiet place to breathe and relax (away from the city noise). Also, prepare for a fair amount of walking (though you can take the shuttle, but I recommend you don’t) – so be sure to spend the day here.. and have a picnic too!

I took some photos with my phone that doesn’t do the place justice at all – but another reason for you to go and see it for yourself :)

Storm King Art Center

Maria Van Nguyen
Maria Van Nguyen

Hey. My name is Maria and I'm a 25 year old girl from Oslo.

In 2012 I moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons and I'm currently a senior working on my thesis collection for men and women. I also work as a sales assistant at Acne Studios.

I'm into minimalism, hip hop and people with good vibes. Aay ~

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Knit dress in progress