tender pink

Flowers, and people, are blossoming these days <3


Old shirt, Acne Studios

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los angeles guide

A peek into the guide

Save this one for your future Los Angeles trip!
I must say there’s plenty of amazing recommendations and I had a hard time not putting a favorite stamp all over the place.
Have a look at the guide here, or find it in the sidebar. Enjoy!

Regarding the travel site I am taking it down and I’m going to make PDFs like this instead. I’m currently re-making and improving the New York one :)

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This month’s instagram is @gangculture by LA-based artist Trevor Hernandez.

Trevor has an incredible eye for the mundane and ordinary, which he presents in raw and honest images. Through his perspective we’re shown a complete different version of LA than the one we’re used to.

Though the visuals are beautiful you’ll realize that there is more depth to them as they often speak to modern issues like urbanization and consumerism.

Maria Van Nguyen



Tian Yi, Licheng Ling, Xioa Wen Yu and Fei Fei Sun lounging in HOMEISM

My friend Licheng, together with her boyfriend David,
just launched their own label and I am so proud of them!

HOMEISM is a brand that understands the importance and luxury of being comfortable at home – a place where one might forget about taste but why should we. How about style and ease at once.

With this thought in mind they are offering smooth silk-charmeuse loungewear with asian influences for their first collection. The pieces are so beautiful you’ll want to wear them both in and outside the home. I’m looking at you, smoking jacket, in picture #1!


Homeism article on vogue

Maria Van Nguyen


los angeles diary

a few unedited photos from the trip

You get the best view just by looking up.

The Broad – A contemporary museum that opened last year.
Right now they have an installation by Yayoi Kusama; “The infinity Room”.

The Getty

Now that’s a bus stop.

Plants and pink

I wish hiking (and nature for that matter) was just as accessible in NY! That’s why LA is so amazing.
Here I’m hiking in Griffith Park on my way to;

Griffith Observatory. A great spot for beautiful views of the city.

Strange park, Pershing Square, but I like how those flowers peek out.

Neutra VDL House, a perfect balance of integration with nature.
If you’re going here, or any of the other house tours for that matter, remember to book in advance. Neutra VDL is only open for the public on Saturdays.

Venice beach is crazy. Go for fun (I like the skate park) but go somewhere else if you’ve come to relax :)
If you’re in Venice stop by Abbot Kinney Blvd for plenty of cute shops, cafes and restaurants.

Case study House #21, The Bailey House, is bought by Seomi International and is now the background for an art gallery.
..I wish it was a house museum instead.

View from The Eames House in Pacific Palisades <3

The Apartment by The Line.
The most interesting here were all the vintage and antique chairs. It’s worth coming just for that.
On the same street you’ll find The Row and you will want to move into their luxurious store centered around a calming pool.
Schindler House
Having breakfast in a greenhouse.

Santa Monica Beach.

Driving home during sunset.

Maria Van Nguyen


the eames house

The Eames House in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

I took this LA trip as an opportunity to completely nerd out and ended up going to a number of house tours and museums. After taking that one architecture class last year my interest has expanded by multiples and I’m eager to learn and see more :)

The Case Study House program (1945-66) was initiated by Arts & Architecture magazine and had several of the most prominent architects at the time design a house with the premise of it being cheap and easy to duplicate as a response to the need of housing in America due to people returning from the military and the baby boom. While none of the houses were ever duplicated they instead turned into iconic and noteworthy examples of architecture. A few of them are open to the public today.

Case Study House #8, The Eames House, might be my favorite of them all. No interior photos were allowed, so please look them up for a peek into the warm and playful home of Charles and Ray Eames. Doesn’t it look like a dream to live in.


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