AP Café

AP café
420 Troutman Street

Been wanting to check out this place for a long time and now it’s in my neighborhood! Perfect.
I’ve decided it’s going to be my regular café already.

AP is light, airy, minimal, has high ceilings, concrete walls, a calm zen vibe, beautiful plants, amazing furniture and two waterfalls – and a great selection of coffee/juices and breakfast/lunch.



Photo sources selectism, farandclose and tumblr.

Maria Van Nguyen



I have a certain aesthetic that I’m attracted to but I still appreciate different styles and designers that have well thought out concepts. Though, in the end my favorites are always the one that make simple clothing for a normal day during the week.

I mostly post the same designers every season because there are so few that actually offer what I’m looking for which is wearable clothing;
Wearable, easy, comfortable, essential clothing for actual every day wear.

It can be challenging to make essentials and basics because there are less elements involved that you can play around with before it’s not a basic anymore.

As I’m working on my thesis collection right now there’s a push and pull between the teachers and me: them wanting me to be more experimental vs me just wanting to make simple, good, quality clothing. I do think they are pushing me in a good direction though and I think my teachers are great so I hope I can create a collection that I’m 100% satisfied with, consisting of wearable garments but still with something different to it.

Maria Van Nguyen



Exploring the neighborhood and Brooklyn in general this Sunday and found my new spot to hang out for early mornings and coffee.

For such a hot September day I was lounging around in bright, soft cottons.

Shirt COS
Pants Secondhand

Maria Van Nguyen



Found this thick and soft wool which I made a huge dress out of..

How to stay warm and cuddly (but chic) for fall/winter.

Maria Van Nguyen



Fitting in class

Today we had our first fitting for our senior thesis collection that will be done May 2015.
I’m starting off with loose silhouettes that I can continue to develop.

For thesis I’ll be doing both mens and womenswear and I’m very excited about that decision.

Maria Van Nguyen



Moving in.

Hello Brooklyn! Missed you ~~
Can’t wait to settle.

Maria Van Nguyen
Maria Van Nguyen

Hey. My name is Maria and I'm a 24 year old girl from Oslo.

In 2012 I moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons and I'm currently a junior in the menswear section.
I also work as a sales assistant at Acne Studios.

I'm into minimalism, hip hop and people with good vibes ~

Contact me at maria(a)

Instagram: vnyen