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An instant wardrobe classic and favourite: the art dress from Rodebjer. Thanks to the numerous buttons this item can be worn in so many ways – yesterday I did a draped shirt meets dress kind of look.

My friends at Freudian Kicks are selling this and many other goodies at 50% off now, so hurry!

// Bag and flats from Chloé via Høyer Luxury / Jeans from Weekday / Dress from Rodebjer //





When in doubt..wear something red (or was it black??).

I always love yo wear a pop of red when I wake up extra tired – it brightens me up instantly. My face may look just as tired, but I sure feel better!

//Sneakers from Adidas / Jeans from Weekday / Shirt from The Kooples / Blazer from Iben / Bag from Louis Vuitton / Scarf from Hérmes//





A real good pair of pants always makes me feel like a total badass, and these ones from Phillip Lim just might be one of the bast pants I have worn ever. A relaxed, yet tailored silhouette opts for some seriously good looks. I´m ready!!

// Pants from 3.1 Phillip Lim / Wool tee from Storm & Marie / Bag from Louis Vuitton //





Holy banana!

This is what all sorts of right looks like.

Proenza Schouler AW15 via







Samsung approached me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I was interested in testing one of their latest power gadgets: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Being 100% dependent on my phone, I´m always on the lookout for things that can make both my digital life and my everyday life easier and better, so naturally I was positive to testing this after seeing great reviews.

First of all it is VERY important to clarify to all of you guys that I would never, ever write about a product I don´t like and that I can´t vouch for 100%. Being honest is extremely important to me, and I hope you all know that…That being said – let´s get down to business.

Instead of writing a long and  technical review on this phone, Imma do it MY way – aka. let you know what I really loved about this phone. I was of course planning to let you know what I don´t like also, but so far there is honestly nothing I can think of…

First of all: yes it always takes time getting used to a new brand and a new phone. I myself have been testing out various brands and models over the last few years, and the truth is…within a week you´re probably best friends with your new phone. Plus all the new features keeps you going for HOURS. Hours of F.U.N!

- CAMERA: Yes I am a blogger, and I work with social media, which means a great camera is a matter of LIFE OR DEATH for me. The camera on this one is insane. Insane I tell you. Super crisp pictures, fast focus, amazing colors. An extra plus is that it takes super sharp pictures of even the smallest objects in my experience. Loves it. And oh…the selfie camera is preeeettyyyy good too compared to others I´ve tested. Quality wise, but also the fact that you don´t need extra joints to snap a picture (a very smart touch and capture function). Don´t lie…you know it matters.

- EASY CAMERA ACCESS: Oh what a Kodak moment! Oh never mind…it´s gone now. Yup. Happens to me all the time. Wait – h.a.p.p.e.n.e.d. Just two quick clicks on the home button, and the camera is ready to go. I just need to work on my finger coordination that´s all…but I´m getting there.

- SCREEN: It´s so sharp it´s unreal. I don´t even know how to put it differently. I mean..ten points.

- FAST CHARGING: I always run out of battery, so this function is a lifesaver! 10 minutes of charge can equal up to 4 hours of battery life.Fashion Week I´m ready for you!! ( earlier years: me crouched over my phone in pure desperation at some coffee bar in Paris going “Noooo…we can´t leave yet. Just ten more minutes..I need battery…BATTERYYYY! )

- POWER SAVING FEATURES: Because I need to squeeze every last drop of battery juice out of my phone always, and because this handy little feature let´s me monitor the battery usage and put the phone in Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode. Take a sigh of relief…your friends can still reach you…most likely.

Ok..I could go on forever seriously..but I won´t. Just know that I´m really pleased with this new relationship, and if you´re on the lookout for something new, this is one to seriously consider.

You can also take the test to see which one you are closer with – your phone or your partner. 


Left: Picture taking with the front camera on the S6 Edge. Right: Picture taking with front camera with some other phone. Please don´t mind the super intense gaze – I know it´s a bit much. But how AMAZING is the quality on the left?? These are completely non-edited photos. 

( This post is done in collaboration with Samsung, and represents my honest toughts on this product 100% )




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I´ll just throw some quick ones out there before I head off to a late meeting (ok it´s beer involved…)

//Shirt and blazer from Gant / Jeans from Weekday / Shoes from Superega / Bag from Chloé//




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You can say what you want but I am absolutely NOT over culottes…or short pants in general. Spring and bare ankles fit together like a hand in a really snug glove. Mmmmhmmmmm…..

These from Rodebjer are three sizes too big and gives me a pancake ass, but as you all know big pants and pancake ass is all the rage these days (no seriously they are crazy good….).

// Sneakers from ETQ / Jeans from Rodebjer / Tee from Holzweiler / Jacket from Adidas //




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I never, ever get tired of looking at pink….I basically just go Tumblr and type “pink”, and then I let the hours pass by. Damaged goods I know…

Unfortunately when it comes to Tumblr hardly any of the pictures are credited with their original source, which goes for all of the above….if any of you can enlighten me..please do! I would love to see more where this comes from…

Aaaaanyways…I NEED to visit a beach with pink sand! Ohmygod.





There´s nothing like a really good denim on denim outfit. Okay there´s loads of things kind of, but you get the point…

The perfect denim shirt just entered my wardrobe thanks to The Kooples. I was of course extra happy that it goes so well with my favourite pair of vintage 501`s. Yummeh!

// Bag from Chloé via Høyer Luxury / Sunglasses from FWSS / Shirt from The Kooples /  Belt from Hope / Vintage Levi´s //






I´m SO getting me a swimsuit like this….