Sienna Miller

Three stars on her shoulder

A swallow on her wrist
I once read that the swallow she has is actually the symbol for the Primrose Hill group (Primrose Hill is a place in London where she lives). Which makes sense, because Robbie Williams and Kate Moss alike also have a swallow tattoo.
Then again, she could just be making up an excuse for why Rhys Ifans has such a similar tattoo her.

She also has a star near her right hip

  1. mollyellis2207 skriver

    She actually got it because when she played Edie Sedgewick she found out Edie drew a picture of a bird and so decided she wanted something to remember Edie by on herself, so she had a bird tattooed on much like the drawing, she talks about it on the David Letterman show. xxxxxxx


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