I noticed that there are many different meaning behind a triangle tattoo.
Does anyone know what the main meaning behind it is?

  1. Isabel skriver

    I think its the symbol for Air…or the Trinity. But really depends on the person I suppose. I want a triangle tattoo.

  2. Mix Matches skriver

    It's a hipster trend.

  3. Caroline skriver

    It has to do with gender; when pointed upwards it stands for male and downwards means female.

  4. Little Miss skriver

    Dunno what it symbolises, but it looks so simple and delicate. Love the blog :)

  5. CHODOMINATOR skriver

    perfection – based on a philosophy, everything working in thirds

  6. Marlène skriver

    Some says it is lesbian pride. (That can be explained by the fact that a triangle downwards stands for female).

  7. xoxo caroline skriver

    The triangle has to do with the band YACHT. The second picture is of Mitchell Davis (on the left). I have asked him personally before, and it was indeed done in the name of YACHT. So many people (generally hipsters) are getting triangles that YACHT has a section on their site that tells you where you should generally get the tattoo if it is in their name. Here is their "tattoo policy"

  8. Styles Munson skriver

    Mitchell Davis brought on a lot of YACHT fans, but not everyone understands the meaning of the Triangle. Many of Mitchell Davis' fans question the Triangle's meaning because they do not know. And they do not know because they blindly like triangles because of him.YACHT is a belief system, as well as a band.

  9. Natascha skriver

    In Art it stands vor dynamic and tenseness. For me it's a symbol for stability and constance..

  10. Komako skriver

    its the symbol for homosexuality, pink ones for gays and black ones for lesbians:) freja beha has one on the back of her neck and shes a lesbian.

  11. Joel skriver

    the 3 Ls, Live,Love,Laugh

  12. David E. skriver

    part of it is some stupid hipster trend, but it actually has multiple meanings. like to think of it as power, intellect, and love.

  13. livetsomsofia skriver

    I've always thought it was a symbol for the holy trinity… The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.I absolutly LOVE your blog btw!

  14. Alexandra skriver

    If I would get a triangle it wouldn’t mean anything to me. I would just get one because it looks so good thou it’s so simple. Love the geometric figures!

  15. Mark skriver

    Triangles can apparently represent many different things. Some words which are associated with the word triangle may include Creativity, Harmony, Proportion, Ascension, Gender, Manifestation, Illumination, Integration, Subjectivity and Culmination.


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