with randoms from all over.

i love wrist tattoos. and i love word tattoos, or neat symbols and shapes.
hopefully going to get another tattoo in December

I’m also open to questions! I was thinking of doing a Q&A; post since I haven’t blogged for a month!

  1. cocoapuff skriver

    glad you're back

  2. Isatou skriver

    Why don't you do a post on your own tattoos? I'd love to see them .

  3. The Know It All skriver

    i agree with Isatou, i'd love to see your ink.

  4. chelsea skriver

    Same here (both that you are back, and your tattoos). Can I just say that I also love your taste in tattoos. A good site for word tattoos is just incase you hadnt stumbled upon it yourself!(:

  5. maría lápiz skriver

    good blog! i love tattoos.. i'm mariah lápiz! kisses from barcelona =)

  6. Yen skriver

    Would anyone happen to know what the font of the tattoo in the second picture is? I'm thinking of getting one like that. Please reply. Thanks. (:


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