Hi guys,

Remember how i said i was thinking about making t-shirts?
I’ve decided I will be making three different ones, two will be print t-shirts and the other one will be a shredded t-shirt.
Here is a sneak peak of what the shredded one will look like. It will be available in white with a narrow shred, and black with a wide shred.

This is the perfect way to show off those back tattoos stylishly ;)

  1. ana▲jonessy skriver

    Oh, my. I love the white shredded tee! Do you think you can ship all the way to Borneo, Malaysia?

  2. parisxsummer skriver

    i love the black one! i hope these will be available worldwide..


    I want one so bad! That must of taken ages!

  4. sarah skriver

    i like your ideas i have same ideas for ‘tattoo tshirts’ :)


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