Words, words and more words.

  1. anonymia skriver

    The 3rd is wonderful!

  2. Cari skriver

    amazing tattoos! i especially love the second one :)

  3. Isilma skriver

    The second: lyrics of Bon Iver "Skinny Love". Beautiful song :)

  4. petite marta skriver

    do u know what the 3rd one means? is actually a feeling that hasn't a word in any other language except portuguese! (i am portuguese) I think it's awesome u just posted a tattoo written in portuguese! :D

  5. SS skriver

    I'm portuguese too. Saudade is a feeling you just can't describe, beautiful!

  6. SCRTLYVT ▼△ skriver

    the Bon Iver lyrics are amazing :)

  7. kelly skriver

    the 2nd one, skinny love lyric, is mine! so glad people like it. http://wirylegs.tumblr.com/

  8. vlad skriver

    the first one is poetic


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