I’ve added a new thing on the side of the blog called ‘Featured on blogs’ which is where the links for blogs that do a feature on the tattoologist will appear.
  1. MissKatie skriver

    i actually adore your blog. every tattoo i see, i want!! Im a new follower :) Im so desperate for a tattoo and you've helped me figure out what i want xx

  2. Lisa skriver

    MissKatie is right.Every tattoo i see, i want too :D that's bad, because i'll never have tattoos! :D

  3. Elise skriver

    Has the focus of your blog changed to just text tattoos?

  4. petite marta skriver

    can u do a post just "love" tattos? I really wat to get one and I can't decide where or the font or anything. I'll be turning 22, and I kind of wajt to do it then! I really love your blog. <3

  5. shanni skriver

    i love it!

  6. l a skriver

    love these !


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