Tuesday Randoms.

  1. puderfee skriver

    Love the first one :)

  2. Inc.Fashion skriver

    this is one of my fave blogs!! http://incfashion.blogspot.com/i;m just starting one out!

  3. Lauren skriver

    I love the alligator ring in the middle picture!

  4. franca maisha skriver

    the feather is sooo pretty!!

  5. Kia skriver

    Hey,I want to get a horseshoe tattoo. Can you help me find a nice design? :) ps. love your blog!

  6. pimbeche skriver

    I try to post a comment so many times, hope it functionates now ;) SO, first thing I want to say, I LOVE SO MUCH YOUR BLOG. he's so gorgeous. I won't have a tatoo when Ill grow up, but to look at beautiful tatoos makes me smile ;) 2nd thing, can you post tatoos with white ink. I know, you already did, but I found them pretty ;) I hope you understood me and my bad english ;) A.

  7. noora skriver

    this blog is so cool, i love tattoos! :-) u got a new follower;-)my blog-> noora-karoline.blogspot.com


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