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  1. Miss.Tammy skriver

    Love the toast one =)

  2. kittycat. skriver

    I like the second one!

  3. Cowbiscuits skriver

    i like the hearts, me and my best friend have matching anchors on our wrist :) x

  4. therawpower skriver

    I always appreciate the courage for people who had their tattoo done. I think I would never have that courage. I can only appreciate it..=(A new fashion blogger based in Australia and Hong Kong.My blog is about fashion, art, home decor, personal etc….www.therawpower.blogspot.comcomments are welcome. Follow me on bloglovin and blogspot.comxoEsther

  5. ana▲jonessy skriver

    Ooh! I've been thinking of getting an infinity on my wedding fingers.

  6. caits skriver

    the infinity ones are your blog.x

  7. DEA skriver

    awwwww. Those toaster are cute! :) I hope that someday I´m a happy owner of a matching tattoo :P xxx

  8. chichichic skriver

    how incredibly sweet!xojustyna

  9. konsum skriver

    How I love this blog! inspirational!!

  10. Kristen skriver

    I love matching tattoos! It's a huge permanent statement…

  11. shanni skriver

    aww the toasts are cutei have a friendship tattoo either :)


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