Tuesday Randoms.

Source: unknown

  1. Phyrra skriver

    I really like the middle photo. Very cool.

  2. Margarita. skriver

    love the birds flying away ;)

  3. Kristen skriver

    Beautiful as always!www.Gourmetglitterati.com

  4. T E A skriver

    love the first photo.& i love how you only post beautiful photo's, not trashy tattoo photo's.It's really appealing & i love coming to look at your blog. (: really well done. (:http://yaki-tea.blogspot.com

  5. Jill. skriver

    like the first tattoo the most

  6. Cintia skriver

    love the first one, so inspiring…

  7. Margarita. skriver

    thank you ;) the biscuit photo is algo really cute!

  8. †ELMO† skriver

    first snap is awesome! you should see my new tattoo ;)

  9. Kimmi skriver

    Love that birds. c:regards.

  10. Sweetdie skriver

    i just love them

  11. kim possible skriver

    The first one is beautiful! I kinda want something like that


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