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  1. Cowbiscuits skriver

    ee i have tattoo's on both my wrists you can see them herehttp://cowbiscuits.blogspot.com/2010/06/first-post.htmlI have an anchor on my left htat me and my best friend had done together and a CND symbol on the other to remind myself – I'm a free bitch baby! x

  2. wobblinbetty skriver

    very nice tats

  3. Cintia skriver

    i really want a tattoo on my wrist, but I'm freaking scared. I'm to shy.

  4. One6 skriver

    I'm a BIG fan of your blog.Just started my own crazy one up with my first fashion photo :) please check it out and let me know your thoughts everyone :) cheers http://one6fashion.blogspot.com/

  5. Isabel skriver

    ohhh, looove. if you didn't know, the first one says "kjærlighet" (norwegian), which means "love" :- )// epochcoda.com

  6. Natalia skriver

    lovely!!!ur blog is so awesome!i visit it every day 2 get ideas for new tattos+2 b inspired!keep up the good work!xx

  7. kittybisous skriver

    Hey I really love your blog, I was just wondering if it'd be possible for you to post more delicate wrist tattoos (especially small text wrist tattoos). I'm considering getting an Italian saying on my wrist but just need a bit of inspiration. Thanks! :)


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