Friday Randoms.

Source: unknown

  1. daisy kate skriver

    you make me want to many different tattoos! these are all gorgeous.Fashion Stereotype

  2. kim possible skriver

    I like the placement of the text tattoo

  3. One6 skriver

    I'm a BIG fan of your blog.Just started my own crazy one up with my first fashion photo :) please check it out and let me know your thoughts everyone :) cheers

  4. chichichic skriver

    top one is somethin' to see…

  5. caits skriver

    love your blog. the dog faces one is so cute ha.x

  6. Saranna skriver

    The last one is so pretty <3

  7. Victoria skriver

    The dogs faces one has just totally inspired me! Great blog – just found it.

  8. Jordan Burch skriver

    Those dog faces inspired me too! That was my favorite. Read my blog,

  9. shanni skriver

    the second one is awesome!! :)

  10. carina skriver

    love <3 !!!xxxx

  11. Bre (: skriver

    the last photo is from a brazilian girl called vic hollo. you can find this photo at her flickr ( or just contacting her at her twitter (@vicqueen)

  12. Bruna skriver this one is from @vicqueen (:


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