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  1. Jordan Burch skriver

    This is my new favorite blog!Read my blog,

  2. Tabitha B skriver

    Your blog is responsible for my urge to get a new tattoo….ASAP!http://make-me–

  3. I think she's a bitch skriver

    Love your blog! Gonne follow you from now on!

  4. liia skriver

    i absolutely love love love your blog but its giving me such a tattoo fever! not good!

  5. Blushing Zebra skriver

    what does her tattoo mean? carpe noetem?

  6. Daria skriver

    HelloI'm your new fanAnd I really want a tattoo nowThank you :)

  7. petite marta skriver

    carpe diem is enjoy the day/moment, so I'm guessing that carpe noetem is enjoy the night.


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