Alexander McQueen

source: unknown

I remember when Alexander McQueen passed away a reader had approached me asking for me to post up pictures of him and his tattoos. I failed to do so at the time because I couldn’t find any good pictures of his tattoos.
But I think this picture of a tattoo of one of his creations is perfect.

It’s a tattoo of this:

  1. Saranna skriver

    Am I the only person who doesn't understand what that tattoo represents? A shoe?

  2. em skriver

    this is really super!love item

  3. lydiajoy skriver

    Don't get me wrong.. I love the armadillo shoe and I LOVE Alexander McQueen's work.. but I don't know if I would go so far as to get a tattoo of the shoe. Regardless, a genius is missed. (:xoxo

  4. Chiara skriver

    Thanks for the email, love your tattoo blog :D

  5. Juliet skriver

    Gorgeous!juliet xxx

  6. Dailan skriver

    This tattoo is insanely AMAZING! (Or amazingly insane? Hmmmm.) Love it.

  7. Jaclyn Francis skriver

    absolutely fantastic.

  8. JJ skriver

    don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but the shoes were actually the brainchild of Georgina Goodman.


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