Wednesday Randoms

source: unknown

  1. Georgie skriver

    I love that 2nd picture. Having the world practically in the palm of your hand is beautiful.

  2. Silje skriver

    The second one is gorgeous!I love the curved – I don't have a tattoo…

  3. Estepa Grisa skriver

    oh, the first one is Ash Stymest

  4. nea skriver

    I love that second one.. I would like to have that kind of tattoo too, but in the forearm

  5. Sweetdie skriver

    I'm thinking in a tatto.But i know that having one will complicate finding some..kind of jobs so i want to do it in a place where it can be hidden.I thought in the knee back or just under the te**. Is a small one, just a word.Is there any other place where it don't hurts so much..?kisses

  6. Jennifer skriver

    that first pic is just all kinds of perfection

  7. the inspired skriver

    both are beautiful

  8. Natalia skriver

    That simple outline of the world is so dreamy, I can only imagine how fabulous the owner of that hand must be…


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