Wednesday Randoms.

source: unknown

  1. guccilily skriver

    the first pic is so cool!guccilily

  2. mish mash skriver

    luv the 1st one!

  3. M E L O D Y skriver

    I think the first one looks like photoshop…

  4. grace skriver

    So weird.. my friend is getting a wolf on her shoulder and we were just talking about it, was trying to find a good image – this is great!

  5. petite marta skriver

    I love your blog, and just did a post about it on mine!

  6. Cowbiscuits skriver

    the first one doesn't look real but its wonderful!!

  7. Mai skriver

    Beautiful like always.

  8. Becky-May skriver

    I'm getting a wolf tatoo on my finger!just a tiny

  9. Jessy skriver

    I love the first pic.

  10. Henrique skriver

    the last one is @pecesiqueira…a great artist!!!

  11. Scarlett Sometimes skriver

    the first one is totally done in biro

  12. frances skriver

    agggh the first one is love x

  13. Georgie skriver

    That wolf is so gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

  14. The Age Of Inocence skriver

    That's pc siqueira!! he's a brazilian 'vloger'

  15. isinha skriver

    pc siqueira!


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