source: unknown

  1. Jana skriver

    i love it!!! I want it!

  2. The Girl with Pearl Earrings. skriver

    The most beautiful tattoo ever.Im smitten!

  3. sara l skriver

    so pretty!

  4. Tereza Š. skriver

    wow, tattoo like this asks for perfect tattoo artist!

  5. caitlin.d skriver

    i officially want another tat. asap.

  6. Nadin skriver

    i love this without black outlines etc really cool

  7. mish mash skriver


  8. angela tte skriver

    handsdown my favourite flower tat ever …

  9. suga ccubed skriver

    lovely. i need ideas. swallows and feathers in lead for favs

  10. Alyssa skriver

    Wow, gorgeous!

  11. Kappe skriver

    The flowers are so sweeet

  12. FairyFiligree skriver

    Is this a real tattoo or a photoshop gimmick? It's simply out of this world!

  13. Robin skriver

    It reminds me of tattoos made by Amanda Wachob ( Check her out, she's awesome!

  14. Rachel skriver

    is it real or is this painted? it’s beautiful! if this is a tattoo job, it was wonderfully done. Perfect example of how ink can be art, not just some mistake from our youth. I reblogged this shit.These Colored Shadows

  15. MissKatie skriver

    I've just awarded your blog an award :) Even though mine is a beauty blog im just in love with your so check out my post xx

  16. Antonia-Ivana skriver

    I was never fond of coloured tattoos but this one changed my mind. It's so so so so stunning!

  17. Maria skriver

    So amazing!! I love this one!!


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