source: unknown

  1. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) skriver

    First tattoo is AMAZING!!love love love it <3xoxo,Ivânia Diamond*

  2. Rani from Cupcake Couture skriver

    That first one is amazing. I want a heart so bad, but I can't find the perfect place!

  3. Carla skriver

    love the second one!

  4. MariaAndrea van der wall arneman skriver

    First tatto is honestly very sexy the black nails give it more hype

  5. A. Chicle skriver

    how to say…i love it

  6. K skriver

    I Love the first one, it's totaly cool and ordinary!!

  7. shanni skriver

    the heart is amazing!!can you post some more tattoos on the ribsi would really like to have one and i need some inspiration..<3

  8. free-werewolf skriver

    I can't figure it out, what is the second tatoo ??


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