source: sofia vienna,  unknown

  1. Eva skriver

    I don't like the Twilight font of the 2nd- the 1st is pretty.

  2. anne :) skriver

    if you don't know:the first one means 'lend me your wings' in german :) i like them both but the first on is prettier :D

  3. Lara - Elain skriver

    The first one is definitely the prettier one, there´s only a small mistake.. it´s Flügel with a big F in the beginning :D

  4. Lena skriver

    i love the first one

  5. helianthe skriver

    The spelling mistake in the first one kind of ruins it. But that might be fixed I guess.

  6. sushibashi skriver

    what does the first one mean??

  7. Rosa skriver

    I would like to know what type of writing is used for the german tattoo? Thanks

  8. Sofia Vienna skriver

    The first one is mine (: And I’m aware of the spelling mistake. I didn’t like the design for the big F in the font, that’s why it’s a little one. I think it looked better, so yeah.

    And the fonts name is Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen.


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