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  1. Cintia skriver

    amazing photos as always, I'm in love with bird tattoos! I want that owl ring hehe (:

  2. strawbemmy skriver

    love the second one.leaves space for interpretation.

  3. alittlesenough skriver

    I love the speechmarks, I've been thinking about getting some myself! x

  4. Tereza Š. skriver

    bird tattoos are kind a getting boring for me. but i love hte second one!

  5. Lena skriver

    all of them are pretty cool.

  6. Nicole Nielsen skriver

    I'm in love with the tattoo on her finger as well.

  7. Eve skriver

    luuvv. I wantt

  8. DEA skriver

    Love thos birds! Ah, that´s my dream tattoo. So beautifulxxx

  9. Pusslaren skriver

    wonderful, inspiring blog! just found it and am totally in love… the day i take the step and get my own first tattoo, i will let you know ;)

  10. Celia skriver

    The swallows in the first picture are great!

  11. Justina skriver

    Oh I love the birdtattoos. So beautiful!


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