source: unknown

The last photo is Megan Fox.

  1. Elisabeth ja Heidi skriver

    i love those birds, but in these days, birds are everywhere!! about half of the tattoos are bird-figures. :

  2. Krystal skriver

    Is the first one a figure 8? I like it..

  3. Bella-Luna skriver

    @Krystal: It's Lemniscate, the sign of infinity.I love the second picture, because I like bird tattoos. I wanna have one too, but I don't want to have the same like 1000 others =/

  4. Dudua skriver

    They are so free, flying in the sky, maybe that could be one of the reasons for so many bird-tattoos:)I have a tattoo of my favorite bird,and it is very personal, not fashional if so to speak..Bella Luna; it's your body, your decision:)

  5. Amanda skriver

    looooooooove it!

  6. Nyrha skriver

    Second tattoo is my fav, it's beautifull

  7. Bella-Luna skriver

    @Dudua: Yes you're right ;) I also wanna draw the birds on my own but I have too much ideas :D

  8. shanni skriver

    what is the meaning of infinity tattoo?i really like to know that

  9. Shanell skriver

    I loved the second tattoo…It looks beautiful… <3


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