Thursday Randoms.

source: unknown

  1. theFashionN3rd skriver

    Love the white ink!

  2. Carla skriver

    woooow i reaaally like the first one!

  3. Bella-Luna skriver

    I really like the white ink ♥But the pieces of puzzle in the 2nd can't be together :(

  4. Jill. skriver

    I'm in love with the white one!

  5. melina bee skriver

    the hand scissors ruuule.

  6. Celia skriver

    But the two puzzle pieces don't fit together. This is not so nice.

  7. Lady Laetitia skriver

    The pieces do fit in the second picture, the guys piece goes directly in to the girls piece, or if you rotate the girl piece of puzzle it fits into the guys piece of puzzle..

  8. shanni skriver

    the second one is <3!!!

  9. Jasmin skriver

    the white on is beautiful but the second one is so cute!

  10. Jonna skriver

    haha, i know the guy with the puzzlepiece!


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