source: unknown

  1. jenny-catharina skriver

    last one is too cute.

  2. Metanoia skriver

    Unknow Pleasure tatoo <3

  3. Crescent Louise skriver

    I'm loving the Joy Division tattoo. Pretty cool!

  4. AP. skriver

    I actually let out an "AWWW" at the last tattoo. Right click, save.

  5. marili skriver

    these second arms belong to me =P

  6. Tiffany skriver

    marili, i love the font of your tattoos. what font is it?

  7. marili skriver

    I'm so embarresed :( I just can't find my font! I'll keep on searching..

  8. Maija skriver

    The first picture: should really credit it. I totally understand your explanation why not to, but I still feel kind of weird looking at such amazing photos without giving any cred to the photographer…

  9. Ms. Sentimental skriver

    the last one is my and my boyfriends tattoos :) link:

  10. huhuuh skriver

    the last one is swedish think, the words on the t-shirt are swedish :D

  11. fint skriver

    go gohar!


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