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  1. Bella-Luna skriver

    Love love LOVE the 1st *_*

  2. Chiara Biasi skriver

    love the first one!

  3. Mariah skriver

    love, LOVE the first.

  4. Cintia skriver

    the second one is Stefany (http://stefannysite.blogspot.com/).I really love the first one.

  5. linnlouis skriver

    the girl at the last pic is karin bylund (http://nyheter24.se/modette/karinbylundt) and it's a fake tattoo / linnlouis

  6. Manon Roblet Photo skriver

    love the fiiiiiiirst -again-But..what's his signification?http://manonrphoto.blogspot.com < galery

  7. Marella Ricketts skriver

    Love the tattoos! your blog makes me want to get one! haha ♥

  8. andersdotter skriver

    I love the first tattoo! I am planing to do the same one but on my neck the day I turn 18. I can't wait!

  9. Ariina skriver

    the first tattoo is mine :)

  10. laura+love skriver

    isn't the first one the sign from harry potter :) ? much love for it though :)

  11. Julia skriver

    I have the same pair of leggins :)

  12. anjj skriver

    Yeah the first is from harry potter :) it's the sephtology symbol, it represents the Deathly Hallows (Invisibility Cloak, Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand)

  13. Linda skriver

    Love the first one! Can't wait to get my deathly hallows tatto done.


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