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  1. Celine skriver

    My gooodddd this blog is one of the bests ever!!Great job!xx

  2. Ann skriver

    Great post!

  3. Vee @ Novaa skriver

    I cannot wait to get my rib tattoo done! These are only fueling my desire-Vee

  4. Jasmin skriver

    I love that first birdhttp://unefilleunreve.blogspot.com

  5. Hey Garcon skriver

    lovely! I got one, myself too… on my ribs, and i emailed it. hope you could feature it :) Hey Garçon! the blog

  6. Manon Roblet Photo skriver

    love the first one.And i've a question : tattoologist.blogspot.com > it is yours? It's the same of your blog but any comment, it's strange…


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