Friday Randoms.

Source: unknown

  1. xiuxhye skriver

    LOVE THEM =)

  2. Jennie Skynäs skriver

    I love the last one, it's from one of my favorite songs! The first one is the swedish blogger Kenzas tattoo. So maybe you should write it as a source?

  3. Ace skriver

    I love this site!!!! seriously its brilliant. I've wanted to get a tattoo since I was 13 and I'm 17 now. Do you think that getting one now is too young? Also, I've heard alot of stuff about white tattoos and I've done a bit of research but i've heard different things about them, like that they are really hard to see sometimes. Do you advise them?

  4. guccilily skriver

    I love the first photo, she looks so elegant with the tattoo!guccilily

  5. baklängesannA skriver

    the first is a famous Sweidsh blogger.

  6. Chia May skriver

    the first one is really nice!

  7. Steph1990 skriver

    I love love love tattoos behind the ear and on the foot. I really want to get one myself!

  8. Cheryl skriver

    The first one looks amazing on her and she's absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Kenza skriver

    The first one is mine so maybe u should write me as a source?

  10. hellomoto skriver

    lol first girl reminds me of a monkey, no offence. love the last tattoo

  11. Frances skriver

    the last one is gorgeous, from a beautiful song "boats and birds by gregory and the hawk"


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