Wednesday Randoms.

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  1. elle :: diana mini love skriver

    Really love your blog, great work!

  2. Nyrha skriver

    I love second pic!

  3. Rachel skriver

    Soo you have the best tattoo blog on the internet. And it helped me figure out what to get for my first tattoo! Thanks for that.<3rachel

  4. maicen skriver

    I love your blog! It is really is great:)Have a great day.http://maicen-culture.blogspot.commaicen

  5. Hanna C. skriver

    the second one is great :) xxxHanna

  6. Georgia skriver

    i wanna be featured on this blog so bad

  7. Jodine skriver

    Ive got the exact same tattoo as the second picture. hurts like hell to get it done but everyone loves it so its definitely worth the pain ;)

  8. Shaé L skriver

    The second one is so cool! Love it. – check my blog out and follow if you like :) x

  9. Cintia skriver

    the second one looks so good, I love it!!!

  10. Marella Ricketts skriver

    Love the anchor tattoos! I want one hahaha!merry christmas! ;)


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