source: jasmine, unknown, heroicsandbliss

  1. Nema skriver

    second one is so cute!

  2. WordsPoeticallyWorth skriver

    Beautiful…Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. Mélie skriver

    Love finger tattoos.Doves + Ravens

  4. La mode and coke skriver

    Hi i recently post your blog on my blog. I adore yours. Truly inspiring. Keep the good work! xx

  5. Jasmine skriver

    Hello! My name is Jasmine and the newest blogpost with the "I swear we were infinite" tattoo is mine! Please give me proper credit.tumblr.com/jeiko

  6. Bella-Luna skriver

    I love the last one ♥

  7. Daniela skriver

    Hi,it would be great if you could tip about the best tattoo studios. i would be interested to know about studios in miami florida and london uk.

  8. Primp and Giggle skriver

    LOVE the finger tat! :)

  9. Kim Sabrina skriver

    the last one is incredible. <3

  10. Bibi skriver

    hey! the last one is mine! http://www.heroicsandbliss.tumblr.com my not so up to date tumblr to give me credit..

  11. Jolien skriver

    I love the first one.
    The Perks of being a wallflower is a fantastic book. <3

  12. Alexa skriver

    The second one is mine! I’m glad you like it ;)


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