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  1. anne :) skriver

    wah i love them all!

  2. Tess skriver

    me too! They are all so gorgeous!

  3. Cintia skriver

    bird tattoos are gorgeous! I'm totally in love with them!

  4. SIC skriver

    Love your blog, love the tattoos! Check out my clothing blog were i sell clothes

  5. Jolleh skriver

    Bird tattoos, gotta love them<

  6. RX-SZ skriver

    I love the first one!

  7. Jasmin skriver

    the first one is super cute yet really simple

  8. emilia skriver

    I love it!…and maybe some flower tattoos?

  9. Agostina skriver

    i like it 'cause is really simple

  10. Juliet skriver

    These are so beautiful!juliet xxx

  11. Jordan skriver

    In all honesty I usually dislike most tatoos, but I think there is something really elegant and tasteful about these.Like them alot :)

  12. CoOonny skriver

    never…who wants such ugly tatoos????


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