source: unknown

  1. Emma skriver

    is the quote 'i am i am i am' off slyvia plath's bell jar? xx

  2. Lauren Honeyblossom skriver

    can anyone read the words of the last picture? I cant….but it looks really cool.xo

  3. emm skriver

    "send her off to a coconut island" i think, from counting crows – anna begins

  4. emm skriver

    ps, yes emma i think it is

  5. Anna Mårtensson skriver

    your blog is so cool, full of inspiration!

  6. Pirate Hart skriver

    So inspiring itching to get my next tattoo! http://www.mypiratehart.com

  7. Mélie skriver

    Ooh, a little bit of classic French lit (first photo, Le Petit Prince quote) – love it.

  8. Lea skriver

    Those picutures looks really photoshopped, they doesn’t even look like real tattoos.


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