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  1. maggie skriver

    love the second one! do feather tattoos mean something?

  2. SchauminChanel skriver

    I absolutely LOVE those Tattoos I can totally see myself with one!

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  3. suzy skriver

    i love this site….i absolutely love tattoos and cant’ wait to get more. i love these feather ones, been thinking of getting one myself. please check out my site for my tattoo :)

    Beneath the Glass

  4. Henriette skriver

    Second and last ist love. Want one too.

  5. Åsa skriver

    Love feathers! Thats what im gonna get. Just have to decide where :)

  6. N skriver


  7. Stine skriver

    I love feathers. Ive got one myself on my arm with the text; dad your free now!


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