source: unknown

  1. Bonnie Mardy Bon skriver

    the last one is really gorgeous! I’ve seen this pic more than once around the net, and i always fall in love with it. i wish i could get a similar one someday (: and the peacock feather has something special!
    I love this blog, it’s one of the few ones i actually follow post by post, you had a good idea! I’m keen on tattooes lately. i wrote a little post about tattoo sleaves once, check it out if you feel like (:


  2. maggie skriver

    is that a banana? lol love the last one!

  3. Laretzki skriver

    The last one is so beatiful!

  4. Telma skriver

    oh i love the first one! reminds me of an album cover by andy warhol.

  5. Sandra skriver

    The banana is a print made by Andy Warhol:


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