source: unknown

  1. Simon skriver

    the second guy is obviously not ash ;)

    it’s josh beech.

  2. dh skriver

    the second picture is josh beech, not ash stymest :)

  3. elin skriver

    The second photo is of Josh Beech NOT Ash Stymest!! But love the tattoos anyway.

  4. Rand skriver

    second photo: *heart attack*

  5. Steven skriver

    dope picture, would love to see the flower with more steez!

  6. S skriver

    the 2nd guy isn’t Ash!!!

  7. Hannah skriver

    The bottom picture isn’t Ash Stymest

  8. Sam H. skriver

    The first guys tattoos look so great and… really pretty!
    ♠ ♠ ♠


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