source: Ira Giorgetti, unknown, vanilla tiger

  1. Eva skriver

    I love the font of the ”There is a light…” tattoo..not to mention it’s a Smiths quote :)


  2. rokkirusetti skriver

    Loving them all. First one is my favourite cos of the font.

  3. Brittany skriver

    i will love the smiths till the day i die, and then some

  4. Brittany skriver

    I love side tattoos I have one that i really really want but im too chicken to do it.

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  5. Isabel (Reseblogg) skriver

    Fantastisk blogg & kul inspiration för min nästa tatuering!

  6. Caroline skriver

    I love your blog and these tattoos! :D the second one is beautiful! :)


  7. Ira Giorgetti skriver

    That’s me in the first photo! :)


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