Friday Randoms.

source: unknown

  1. Mel skriver


  2. Daniela Montalvo skriver

    love the first one!

  3. Maria Katarina Barcelona skriver

    You have a great blog, didn’t expect to get so into tattoos, but after seeing all the cool pictures here I do get very inspired… Had to write a post about you in my blog too!

  4. K skriver

    Fin blogg!:D ska vi följa varandra via bloglovin?:D


  5. Poliene skriver

    That secret that you know but you don’t know how to tell, it fucks with your honor and it teases your head…
    Bon Iver – Blood Bank!!!!

  6. skriver

    Wow, love it! Especially the first one.

    Check out my blog,

  7. ' skriver

    Omg.. the live free tattoo… wow.

  8. Brittany skriver

    i am living for the day i can get infinity on my body


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