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  1. Lovis skriver

    Great swallow on the second one, really nice colouring. And I love the font on that one too, it feels like someone has just taken a pencil and scribbled it on. Simple and pretty!

  2. maggie skriver

    love the third one! i’m getting a tattoo saying ”no regrets” this month if i can

  3. Brittany skriver

    The bird is so beautiful I love that tattoo! Tattoos with writing are so pretty to me, anything written in what looks like a handwritten cursive is so nice.

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  4. Emeli skriver

    I love this blog!
    Tattoologist is in my blog now, under ”Fina sidor” (nice pages).
    /Emeli at lovely-chaos.blogspot.com

  5. Fanni skriver

    beautiful words!


  6. Sandra skriver

    which font is it on the last one?


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