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  1. alice skriver

    Hi, I must start to say that your blog i AMAZING! I found it about 30 minutes ago and have allready read all your posts! looooooove it, love you!
    I just have two question for you;
    i have never seen white tattoos before, and now that i have seen them on your blog thay have all had a kind of red area around. Will it always be like that? Or will the red fade after a while? And will it be more visible when you get a tan?
    respond to my mail pretty pleeeease

  2. ElinAmanda skriver

    the lyrics on the first pic, oh i love it!

  3. Vanessa skriver

    LOVE all of them

  4. oanh skriver

    death cab for cutie <3

  5. Angelica skriver

    love the death cab for cutie one! <3

  6. Steph skriver

    love, love, looove the first one!

  7. brittany skriver

    no blinding lights, or tunnels to gates of white, just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for the hint of spark. death cab <3

  8. M skriver

    wow, thank you so much for giving me inspiration!!

  9. Kicki skriver

    Älskar Death cab gadden. Sweet!

  10. Felicia skriver

    Love the fingertattoo!


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