Tattoo Submission: Laurien (Amsterdam)

Love tattoo

  1. alexandria skriver

    I love the font. anybody happen to know where it could be found?

  2. Alexandra skriver

    Oh, that is wonderful!

  3. amalie skriver

    i was wondering about the font aswell. anyone know what it is called?

  4. wieneke skriver

    I really would like to contact Laurien where she got this tattoo (in amsterdam?) please let me know!

  5. stylish with a budget skriver

    this bracelet w/ the tattoo is so lovely!!

  6. alana skriver

    does anyone know what this font is? i loveee it

  7. and skriver

    Yeah, if anyone knows what font this is please let me know as well :)

  8. Becky skriver

    would love to know what font this is please


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