Tattoo Submission: Pulp’in (Hossegor)


”This phoenix represents hope, love and strongness. It pays tribute to all my friends and members of my family i lost the last years. Number 19 my”

  1. Karolina skriver

    Hi. U really like it and I look for a long time for perfect phoenix tattoo cause it’s something that I want to do on my hip. Is it possible to get pic that show it better?

  2. hmm skriver

    Number 19 my?

  3. Nona skriver

    Ou, how sweet it is :) Beautiful

  4. sanna skriver

    This is awesome. Who made this tattoo? I have been lookin everywhere for something like this. Do you have pictures of the whole tattoo that u world like to share? Its perfect

  5. christin skriver

    i love your phoenix tattoo. xo

  6. sandra skriver

    one of the most beautiful and cool tattoos ever seen!

  7. Pulp'in skriver

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks a lot for your comments <3

    i would be happy to send you a picture of the whole tattoo.

    Send me your emails, i'll send you it asap.

    The guy who made it is an austrian guy whose name is Andy. He lives in the southwesten of France now.

  8. katrina skriver

    i would love a whole picture of your tattoo ! my email is

  9. Samantha skriver
    if you could send me a picture too! Thanks!

  10. E skriver

    Hey, can you send me a picture of the tattoo? that would be awesome :)

  11. Mirko skriver

    Me too please!!!!

  12. Mirko skriver

    Me too please.
    Email to

  13. Malin skriver

    Hi, I really like your tattoo.. would really like a picture of it as well!!

    please E-mail me at;

  14. Renso skriver

    This is beautiful ! Congratulations ! I would like photos of the whole tattoo as well (if possible:) ,email :

  15. traffi skriver

    super!!!!! amazing!!!!! plizzz!!!! on my email!!! foto sketch plizzzzzz!!!

  16. Angie skriver

    It’s so Beautiful!.. Its Perfect! Exactly what Iv’e been trying to find also.. can i also please see the photos too :D thank you :D

  17. Camilla skriver

    Hey! a very nice tattoo you have. I would like more pictures by e-mail if you bothered. I’m from Norway, so a bit difficult to get to France, but hoping to find an equally talented one here in Norway too. :D

  18. cathy skriver

    I was wondering if you could please send me another pic of your tattoo! it is awesome!!! I want a phoenix so bad!! !! thank you!

  19. sbtrkt skriver

    if you can still read this id love for you to send me the images too please

  20. Vanessa skriver

    Omg me too please !!! Gorgeous !

  21. pollitochic skriver

    Hi! Im from Argentina.
    Your tattoo is beautiful!!
    Could you send me the photo too?
    Thanx!!! ;)

  22. Kayla skriver

    I would love for you to send the whole picture of the tattoo. My e-mail is

  23. sabrina skriver

    I would love to have a pic of your tattoo. It’s beautiful! Please send to

  24. Lisa skriver

    Please send me one too!! Thanks!! I love it !!

  25. Ellie skriver
    I’d like one too please!! Thank you

  26. Lisa skriver

    please send me one too !!!!!

  27. kim skriver

    This is the most beautiful phoenix EVER. I’d LOVE to see the whole tattoo as well.
    thank you so much! sewcrafty AT

  28. Adrienne skriver

    Hey – it’s one the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen ! :)
    I’d love to see the whole tattoo, so please send me some pictures – Thanks a lot !

  29. LISA skriver

    pic please

  30. CAMILA skriver


  31. Carol skriver

    Could you please send it to me?

  32. Kate skriver

    Hi ;-) tattoo is beautiful, i really love it. Could you please send me more photos?
    Pliiizzzzz best regards ;-)

  33. caerii__ skriver

    can you send me a picture too? thanks :)


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