Tattoo Submission: Marijke de Jong (The Netherlands)


”My first tattoo, it describes the way I live. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, this is your life.”

  1. Elli skriver

    That’s from the Rise Against song, isn’t it? Beautiful! <3

  2. Night at Vogue skriver

    Beautiful! Maybe I wish a tattoo for christmas present.

  3. Marijke skriver

    Yes it is! Love them and the way they describe their view on the world (problems).

  4. Camilla skriver

    Ohh how beautiful! what is the font?

  5. Isabell skriver

    Wich font is that? It’s beautiful.

  6. Marijke skriver

    Thanks :) The font is Mr. Sheffield, but I made some small adjustments.


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