Tattoo Submission: Stephi (Stuttgart)


”it’s the refrain of the foo fighters lyric ”it’s times like these”
this lyric means a lot to me cause i always listen to it when i’m mad, and for me these are the most powerful words that always show give me a reason to stay strong in all phrases of life.”

  1. Helena skriver

    Love the song. Love the lyrics. Love the tattoo. Nice one!

  2. Johanna skriver

    Ohhhh, i (also) love the song, the lyrics and the tattoo! Oh, it’s so beautiful :)

  3. Catalina Zah skriver

    I love this song! I am also going to get a tattoo with lyrics from the Foo Fighters :)

  4. lena skriver

    I’ve got ”It’s times like these” on my left arm. love it.

  5. Anna skriver

    Great song but I’m already over that placement of tattoos.

  6. Pablo skriver

    Yeah, definitely it’s one of my favourites songs, and yours, is one of my favourites tattoos ;)


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