Tattoo Submission: Al V (Chicago)

my tat bitches

My tattoo. Look closely.

  1. Vendela skriver

    TELL ME how this is done? Love it!

  2. Helena skriver


  3. Fredrika skriver

    Soo cool!!!

  4. Moore skriver

    omg, I love this!

  5. Madeleine skriver


  6. Moa skriver

    That is awesome! How do you even do that kind of tattoos?!

  7. Johanna skriver

    Wow! So beautiful!

  8. María skriver


  9. sabina skriver

    first I didn’t see it, but than, wow!

  10. susie klein skriver

    That is wonderful!

  11. S skriver

    this is amazing!

  12. S-I-T skriver

    How is it possible to get a tattoo like that? Like is fading away! So beautiful. Where did you get it? And how could it look like it does? :D

  13. Chloe skriver

    Oh this is AMAZING!

  14. Nikki skriver

    Not really a fan of white ink, but this is just WOW !!

  15. Felicia skriver

    Woah! At first I was like why is there a post with no tattoo? Then I saw it. Very awesome! Does this tattoo react to black light?

  16. Margo skriver

    I want this too. it’s amazing!


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