Tattoo Submission: Mandy-Elaine (Hannover, Germany)


I have lost my hair and my childhood but i never lose my courage

  1. sevda skriver

    you, girl, are a true inspiration. much love.

  2. minttukrokantti skriver

    beautiful! ^.^

  3. Alina skriver

    Please never lose it!

  4. Charlotte skriver

    You did it for yourself, but I hope you know how much you help other people with it. You look beautiful.

  5. sandra skriver

    such a strong girl! gives me chills. you are beautiful, all my best to you!

  6. Vendela skriver


  7. Vickan! skriver

    omg. so amazing!

  8. ita skriver

    you’re amazing! hugs from italy

  9. s skriver


  10. Signe Liv skriver

    You are such an inspiration for others and I have a lot of respect for you. The best of luck to you -you deserve it.
    Hugs from Denmark

  11. Julie Gruber skriver

    Very inspiring and strong.

  12. S skriver

    woaw, this was so pretty!

  13. FrenchyCharlotte skriver

    ”courage” in english and in french, it’s the same word, so ”Bon courage venu de France!” =)
    Very nice photo!

  14. nina skriver

    I took this picture and I am JUST proud that it made it on this website! I love you

  15. Mandy-Elaine skriver

    oh thank you a lot guys you gives me hope and strength!

  16. nora skriver

    Ich würde wirklich gerne deine Geschichte hören.
    Really touching, all the best for you.

  17. Madeline skriver

    You are fabulously beautiful and an inspiration to all.
    Well wishes from Canada

  18. lala skriver

    This is the most amazing tattoo. Keep strong, you are a very beautiful person.

  19. Annie skriver

    So beautiful! You’re a true inspiration <3

  20. Camilla skriver

    This is so beautiful. Really touching.

  21. Evelina skriver

    stay strong, amazing inspo!

  22. Ronnie Wreckalio skriver

    Sweet rack a flowers ya got dere lady ;)

  23. victoria skriver

    you look so beautiful! i almost started to cry, you seem like such a strong person!

  24. kevin skriver

    hey my little sister nice tattoo best wishes to you
    nein jetzt ernsthaft bist schon ne kleine maus

  25. Amalie skriver

    I love you!

  26. Nikki skriver


  27. nancy skriver

    pure perfection…everything on you.I send you a huge hug from greece!<3

  28. Lisa skriver

    very inspiring! keep on going girl, keep on going! the worlds yours!

  29. Signe skriver

    So beutiful! This tattoo is spreading courage all over the world, you are so strong, best wishes to you.

  30. Shawna (Blood) skriver


    You without a doubt are a strong woman. Holding on to courage and having inner strength will always outweigh the bad and negative of our lives. You will touch many people’s hearts in your lifetime… You are an angel and a blessing…always hold on to that. The very best of wishes, hugs, and love from Oklahoma.

  31. Anita skriver

    This is incredible and you are amazing. Much love and well wishes from Canada.

  32. Nabi skriver

    you are beautiful and are inspration for many. Keep on fighting,
    many look up to you.


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