source: Ebba (Stockholm, Sweden)

”Live high, a reminder to live life to the fullest, a celebration to music and a tribute to my friend who sadly passed away in 2010.”

Thanks for the most inspirational blog on the internet <3
  1. Viviana skriver

    I really like it, can i ask which font is, if you know?


  2. Hanna skriver

    Love that tattoo! So beautiful!

  3. Cris skriver

    Hi what’s the font of this tatto?? Thx!!

  4. Janet skriver

    Does anybody know the font of this tattoo?? Thank you! (:

  5. Caro skriver

    What font is this? I love it :)

  6. Ebba skriver

    The font is something that me and my tattoo artist came up with together :) so there’s really no name for the font.. But thanks!


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