source: Ashley (Vancouver, Canada), D.T. (Melbourne), Sara ‘”Live with no regrets” – in Latin’

  1. Kim skriver

    That’s italian, not latin

  2. marta skriver

    vivere senza rimpianti is italian not latin! I know it because i’m italian and I study latin :D

  3. Meg skriver

    The last one is italian, not Latin, but is very beautiful!

  4. madeleine skriver

    my bad. im the one who sent it, but according to my friend(who’s on the pic) it’s latin. but well, guess google isnt always right:) lucky it meant what it was suppost to, tho!

  5. Paola skriver

    I’m italian and it’s latin… anyway, don’t worry, it means ”Live with no regrets” and it’s beautiful!

  6. Fernanda skriver

    well, it is in italian, it’s the same as Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo, the same font… that’s not latin at all! I have the same phrase tattoed, but inside my arm… it means live without regrets anyways…


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