source: Julie (Denmark), Ronja W (Bollnäs, Gotland), Marlene (Copenhagen)

  1. Carolina skriver

    Stelt att det är felstavat/grammatikfel på den andra tatueringen…

  2. Nissan skriver

    Ouch, you really should check your grammar before getting a tattoo… :(

  3. val skriver

    is it just me or is there a mistake in the 2nd tattoo..?
    ”our memories MAKE me stronger” ???

  4. emmery skriver

    The grammar error on the 2nd one is unfortunate :/

  5. Sanne skriver

    Shouldn’t it be make instead of makes?

  6. Lisa skriver

    Yes it’s definitely wrong! It has to be ”make” or ”are making”…
    Sorry for that :/

  7. Geo skriver

    Just got told I was wrong when I tried to correct somebody’s grammar before they finally go and get something tattooed… Their text: ”Embrace what life offers you; adversity paves way for prosperity” Now, I know I can be a bit of a Nazi when it comes to the English language but is there anyone else there who can see the error? This sounds like a foreigner trying to speak English, right? Or am I being too fussy for my own good? :)

  8. Marjo skriver

    I’ve been looking for the name of the font of the 2nd tattoo for a while, can anyone help me with this?


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